Australia: Slow take-up of GM canola

ABC, 16 May 2013

Laura Poole

 An agribusiness in western Victoria is selling genetically modified canola seed for half price because demand is limited.

Across Australia, 8 per cent of canola plantings are GM varieties.

Elders agronomist Jamie Ball says farmers are reluctant to sow GM canola because they’re concerned it will increase the number of herbicide resistant weeds on their farms.

“A chap I was talking to was umming and arghing and could have easily opted for a GM variety. He chose not to, simply because he didn’t want the selection pressure, and didn’t want all the hassles with hygiene and access to delivery points,” he said.

“You definitely see a purposeful movement away from GM.”

Plant breeder Monsanto says GM canola production is increasing year-on-year.

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