British Columbia Fruit Growers say no to GM fruit

Faced with the potential release of GM apples in the province, the BC Fruit Growers Association has come out against their release out of concern that their export markets will collapse. Last year, the producer board adopted a resolution  against the release of GM apples in Canada and this year, agreed to pursue GM Free horticulture and livestock zones in the province. See the resolutions below.

British Columbia Fruit Growers Resolution, January 2011

 Genetically Modified Organisms 

Therefore be it Resolved that the BCFGA not support the open field release of GMO tree fruits in Canada until the government can provide the assurance and indemnity to industry that there will be no impact of the introduction of GMOs on the market returns for tree fruits, and

Further Be It Resolved that the Government of Canada not approves GMOs for open field release until a protocol is in place to assure there is no impact on organic farm certification from the introduction of tree fruit and other GMOs.

January 27-28th, 2011 BCFGA Annual Convention


BCFGA Resolution on GM Free Zones in BC, March 2012

Genetically Engineered Free Zone CARRIED

Therefore Be It Resolved that the BCFGA ask the  Okanagan-Similkameen, Central Okanagan, North Okanagan, and Columbia-Shuswap Regional Districts to investigate the establishment of a Genetically Engineered Free Zone for edible horticulture and livestock products encompassing all of the regional districts.

 BCFGA Bulletin, March 12, 2012

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