AgResearch stalls ‘damaging’ report

Kiran Chug, Dominion Post, June 23 2011 ‘Attempts to shut down a scientific report critical of AgResearch’s practices at its genetic engineering laboratories have been revealed through the company’s internal documents. The report has sparked a war of words between the Canterbury University professor who wrote it, and the Crown research institute he criticises. Professor […]

GM grass may not be so green

GM grass may not be so green Geoff Cumming, NZ Herald Saturday Jun 18, 2011 Grass – it’s what we grow best and is a cornerstone of the clean and green image that underpins New Zealand’s dairy and meat exports. Whether those exports would find as much consumer favour if raised on genetically modified pasture […]

Pure Hawkes Bay submits to the Hawkes Bay Regional Council and urges them to keep produce free from GMO by Caitlin Nobes, HB Today

Local growers could get premium prices for their products if Hawke’s Bay was officially free of genetically modified organisms, a lobby group says. Pure Hawke’s Bay members addressed the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council as part of annual plan hearings on Wednesday 8 June. Local orchardist Scott Lawson said there were significant advantages to being able […]

Hawke’s Bay growers call for GE-free zone

Marty Sharpe Dominion Post 3 June 2011 A group including some of Hawke’s Bay’s biggest horticulturists, producers and marketers is urging its councils to declare the region a GE-free food producing area. Pure Hawke’s Bay believes genetically engineered food production and outdoor field trials involving genetically modified organisms (GMOs) pose a threat to the region’s […]