GM Free status vital for Hawke’s Bay agricultural economy

Hawke’s Bay’s GM Free status is vital for generating greater wealth from food exports and the region should have the ability to decide whether to retain that status, says the food producer group, Pure Hawke’s Bay. The Government intends to strip local authorities’ ability to establish GM Free food production zones and for a region’s […]

Hastings Moves to Secure Market Opportunity For District

Hastings District councillors have taken the first step to securing a significant competitive advantage opportunity for Hastings food producers and farmers by proposing to enshrine GM Free food producer status under the District Plan. The consultation document released today launches the review of the Hastings District Plan and recommends prohibiting GM releases. This follows on […]

Auckland and Northland Councils show way forward for GM Free regions

Hawke’s Bay district councils now have the tools to protect the region’s status as a GM Free food producer. Reports released by Northland and Auckland councils this week confirm that local authorities can prohibit GM releases and set out in detail what rules are required under the Resource Management Act (RMA) to achieve this.  It […]

Overwhelming support in Hawke’s Bay to keep food production GE Free

84% of Hawke’s Bay residents want Hawke’s Bay to remain a GM Free food producing region, according to a Colmar Brunton poll conducted earlier this year. Residents surveyed overwhelmingly saw GM free food production as giving the region a strong market advantage: 90% believe that retaining that status would be good for the region’s reputation […]

Hawke’s Bay Moves to Capture Niche Market

Pure Hawke’s Bay is a group of growers and producers who want local government to embrace the vision of Hawke’s Bay as a food producing region of world renown, famous for premium, high quality food, produced sustainably. They are asking the Hastings District Council and the HBRC to preserve the region’s marketing advantage in the niche, […]