German Retailers fueling the rapid growth of non-GMO soy consumption

How is the largest economy in Europe changing the face of non-GMO soy consumption and what effect does this have on the Brazilian export market? Global Grain Events The primary author of this article is Dr. Ludger Breloh, section chief for sustainable products, including all products from animals reared on GMO-free feed, at REWE Group, […]

Northern Ireland Bans Genetically Modified Crops

Irish Times, September 25 2015 Genetically modified crops have been prohibited in Northern Ireland. Stormont’s Minister for the Environment Mark H Durkan said he was unconvinced of the advantages of the technology. The European Union said earlier this year that its 28 member states could adopt their own positions on the issue. Mr Durkan said: “I […]

Austria and Italy celebrate bans on GM crops with EU opt-out

Sustainable Pulse, 24 September 2015 Austrian Health Minister Sabine Oberhauser and a number of Italian Ministries have confirmed that both countries are officially requesting an opt-out from growing the eight varieties of GM maize permitted or set to be permitted at the EU level, thus there will now be a full ban on GM crops […]

Frances Bolsters Ban on Genetically Modified Crops

Reuters, September 18 2015 France is to use a new European opt-out scheme to ensure a ban on the cultivation of genetically modified crops in the country remains in place, it said on Thursday. The European Union’s largest grain grower and exporter has asked the European Commission for France to be excluded from some GM maize […]

RNZ: Hastings Officially GM Free

Hastings District Council has declared the district the first official genetically modified free food producing zone in New Zealand. Radio New Zealand News, September 14 2015 Rules in the newly released Hastings District Plan prohibit both the release and field trials of genetically modified crops and animals. Pure Hawke’s Bay has been lobbying to make […]

Hastings District goes GM-free

Hawke’s Bay Today, Doug Laing. September 13 2015 The food industry in Hawke’s Bay was ready to party last night after confirmation the Hastings District Council has become the first local body in New Zealand to block genetically modified food production. Industry leader John Bostock showed all the enthusiasm of a province winning the Ranfurly Shield […]

‘Major economic opportunity’ as Hastings District Council goes GM-free

Hawke’s Bay food producers have welcomed Hastings District Council becoming the first local authority in the country to ban genetically modified crops and animals under its District Plan. Dominion Post, Simon Hendery. September 11 2015 A group of growers and farmers, who have been campaigning under the Pure Hawke’s Bay banner for a GM ban in the […]

Strong Future for Hawke’s Bay Economy as Hastings Council Secures GM Free Status

Hastings District Council has secured a major economic opportunity for local food producers by making the district the first offical GM Free food producing zone in the country. Media Statement (pdf version) Rules in the newly released Hastings District Plan prohibit both releases and field trials of GM crops and animals. “This is a great […]

It Must Be GM-Free, Minister

Talking Point, Hawke’s Bay Today, September 1 2015 For Hawke’s Bay food exporters, GM Free means serious business. If more signals from the marketplace were needed to underscore this, then recent developments in Europe couldn’t be clearer. Europe’s economic powerhouse, Germany is preparing to ban GM agricultural releases in its productive lands. Across the North Sea, Scotland […]

Germany starts move to ban GMO crops

Germany starts move to ban GMO crops – ministry letter Reuters, August 24 2015. Hans-Edzard Busemann Germany has initiated a move to stop the growing of genetically modified crops under new European Union rules, documents seen by Reuters showed on Monday. German Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt has informed German state governments of his intention to tell […]