Fewer GM Crop Trials in Europe

EU data shows that fewer GM trials were submitted for authorisation this year compared with the last couple of years. Only Spain grows GM commercially, allowing trials of more GM crops than any other European country. Of the 41 applications for GM trials up to May, 30 were for trials in Spain. The other applications […]

Turks refusing to eat GM food, poll reveals

Istanbul – Some 83 percent of Turkish people are against consuming food from genetically modified (GM) organisms, according to a survey by Greenpeace. Some 82.3 percent of the population has some knowledge about GMs, said the survey conducted by 4,860 people. Nejat Dinç, the man in charge of Greenpeace’s Mediterranean Agriculture Campaign, told Radikal that […]

Tasmania a leader in GM Free, Premium Branding

Tasmania and South Australia are both official GM Free food producing regions. Tasmania has prohibited the commercial production of GM crops for some years now, and has a branding programme to position the state as the home of gourmet foods. As it states, “global negatives” (such as GM foods) can be turned to the state’s advantage. […]

British Columbia Fruit Growers say no to GM fruit

Faced with the potential release of GM apples in the province, the BC Fruit Growers Association has come out against their release out of concern that their export markets will collapse. Last year, the producer board adopted a resolution  against the release of GM apples in Canada and this year, agreed to pursue GM Free […]

Canada: Politicians support BC growers’ fight against GM apples

May 22 2012 New Democrats are calling on the B.C. Liberals to defend the B.C. fruit industry by working with the federal government to keep the province free of genetically modified fruit. “The B.C. tree fruit industry produces healthy products that are world famous for flavour and purity.  Growers are concerned that this marketing advantage […]

Monsanto props up weak GM crop price in Australia

Monsanto props up weak GM crop price in Australia The Australian 23 April 2012, p. 7 — GLOBAL grain buyers are marking down the price of Australia’s genetically modified canola as the European market shuts the gate on GM crops. The Australian Wheat Board is offering to buy up supplies of GM canola at guaranteed […]

Soy shows way to GMO free

Declaring Hawke’s Bay a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)-free region is just plain business sense, says Hastings grower Scott Lawson. “We have to take advantage of this marketing opportunity,” he said. His crop of soy beans was proof of the added value the GMO-free status could give to all Hawke’s Bay produce. “There is clear interest in […]