Taiwan: GM food rules to take effect 6 months early

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yesterday announced that the amended laws concerning the labeling of genetically modified food products will be implemented as early as June. Originally slated to be implemented on Jan. 1, 2016, the law states that manufacturers should clearly label all food products, additives and loosely packaged products […]

China may control future of GMOs

If Chinese policy rules against GMO crops, economist expects other countries will follow suit. It won’t be thoughtful conversations that dictate if more genetically modified organisms are part of agriculture’s future, says an American economist specializing in global agriculture. Instead, it will be Chinese politics. “Whatever China decides on GMO is going to move the […]

US: Still a ways off, GMO apples concern industry

Though the U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved a Canadian genetically-modified non-browning apple for sale in the United States, it will take years before American consumers see GMO fruit in their produce aisles. While still a ways off, there’s still concern in the apple industry that GMO fruit is not what consumers want, and that […]

USA: Ag Facing Class-Action Lawsuit from North Carolina Farmers

A group of North Carolina farmers has joined hundreds of others around the country who are suing crop science giant Syngenta (NYSE: SYT) AG, alleging that the company’s use of genetically modified corn varieties caused them substantial financial losses. Attorneys with law firm Brooks Pierce representing a group of five individual farmers or farmer groups […]

China underlines cautious approach to biotech crop

(Reuters) – China will continue to promote research into genetically modified crops while maintaining strict controls on safety of the technology, a top agriculture official said on Tuesday, underscoring Beijing’s cautious approach towards biotechnology. The comments came after a major policy document, known as the “number one document”, called for strengthening of GMO research and […]

China Injects Uncertainty into World of Genetically Modified Seeds

There is a new era in weed management fast approaching farmers. Monsanto and competitor Dow AgroSciences are on the verge of introducing the next generation of herbicide-resistant corn, soybeans and cotton — genetically modified seeds representing hundreds of millions of dollars in research and the promise of billions in sales. U.S. regulators have given the […]

USA: Poll: An appetite for labelling genetically modified foods

A large majority of Americans support labelling of genetically modified foods, whether they care about eating them or not. According to a December Associated Press-GfK poll, 66% of Americans favour requiring food manufacturers to put labels on products that contain genetically modified organisms, or foods grown from seeds engineered in labs. Only 7% are opposed to the […]

US: Syngenta facing dozens of lawsuits over GMO seed

Agrochemicals giant Syngenta is facing a growing number of lawsuits challenging its release of a genetically modified corn seed that China had not approved for import, with losses to farmers estimated to be at least $1 billion. TH Online, November 18 2014 More than 50 lawsuits have been filed in 11 major corn-growing states, including […]

US: Syngenta genetically modified corn ruined US corn exports to China, farmers say

American farmers in three states are suing seed giant Syngenta AG in billion-dollar lawsuits, alleging that the company harmed U.S. corn markets when it released a new genetically altered strain of corn that wasn’t approved by Chinese authorities.  By Kathleen Caulderwood. International Business Times, October 6 2014 Three lawsuits filed on Friday from Sioux City, Iowa, Omaha, […]

Japan, South Korea can stop GMO testing – wheat group official

(Reuters): Japan and South Korea are continuing to test the U.S. wheat they buy to make sure the grain is not contaminated with an experimental version developed by Monsanto Co, but could soon stop the practice, the head of a U.S. wheat association said on Thursday. The two countries, which are among the top purchasers of U.S. […]