Cargill fires first shot in legal battle over GMO trade responsibility

(Reuters) – Cargill Inc’s [CARG.UL] lawsuit against Syngenta AG (SYNN.VX) over rejections of genetically modified U.S. corn by China may be just the start of legal challenges against global seed makers over trade with one of the world’s biggest markets. Reuters, September 14 2014. By Tom Polensk. Trading giant Cargill said in court documents on […]

GMO test slows hay exports to China

U.S. hay exporters are watching an important growth market, China, dry up following tests that showed trace amounts of GMO alfalfa in shipments. Officials from the USDA, China and GMO developer Monsanto are meeting to discuss the issue. Capital Press, September 25 2014 by Dan Wheat ELLENSBURG, Wash. — U.S. hay exports to China have […]

German retailers demand GM-free poultry feed

Germany’s major supermarkets have demanded that their suppliers return to using non-genetically modified feed for poultry production. UK Farmers Weekly, 5 September 2014 On Thursday, a number of German supermarkets grouped together to demand that the German Poultry Association (ZDG) stop using feed containing GM material for both egg and poultry meat production. Retailers want their […]

Tasmania to remain free of GMO for at least five more years

Daily Telegraph, August 20 2014 TASMANIAN agriculture is set to remain free of genetically modified organisms for at least five more years, with the State Government opting to extend a longstanding GMO ban. The Bill tabled in the House of Assembly yesterday has received qualified support from the state’s peak farming body, beekeepers and the Greens. […]

Tasmania benefits from GMO ban

Jane Wardell, Stuff August 1 2014 Reuters: Thousands of Black Angus bulls snort steam gently into the frigid early morning air at Tasmania’s largest cattle feedlot as they jostle for space at a long grain trough. The pitch black cattle, blending into their muddy surroundings and stretching as far as the eye can see, are being fattened […]

Canada: Quebec Farmers Oppose Release of GM Alfalfa

The Gazette, May 20 2015 A tiny, genetically modified seed is pitting Quebec farmers against the biotech industry. A GM version of alfalfa, a staple in livestock feed, was supposed to be launched in Canada this year. The product, produced with technology by Monsanto, the world’s largest seed-and-chemical company, has already been approved by the […]

GM-free canola demand rising

The Western Producer, May 16 2014 An Alberta seed grower says the growing market for non-genetically modified canola and the later seeding season are increasing demand for two of his normally less popular varieties. Bob Mastin of Sundre, Alta., has been working with oilseed crushers in Washington state and Manitoba that want his short season, […]

EU: Bavaria Signs Agreement To Go GM Free

Germany‚s Bavaria region has become the 62nd GMO Free farming area in Europe. The Munich-based Bavarian Environment Minister Dr. Marcel Huber, signed the GMO Free agreement in Brussels, with the President of the European GMO Free network, Maura Malaspina, the Environment Minister for the Marche region of Italy. Bavaria is the 62nd member of the […]

EU: French Parliament Bans the Cultivation of GM Maize

Reuters, April 16 2014. Emile Picy, Sybille de La Hamaide France’s lower house of parliament adopted a law on Tuesday prohibiting the cultivation of any variety of genetically modified maize, saying it posed a risk to the environment. France adopted a decree last month to halt the planting of Monsanto’s insect-resistant MON810 maize, the only […]

US: Vermont Will Require Labeling of Genetically Altered Foods

New York Times, April 23 2014 Stephanie Strom Going further than any state so far, Vermont on Wednesday passed a law requiring the labeling of foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients. Though the move came in a tiny state far from the nation’s population centers, proponents of such labeling immediately hailed the legislative approval as a significant […]