Tasmania’s GMO-free status will continue indefinitely

Helen Kempton Mercury, January 9 2014 TASMANIA will maintain its nationally unique GMO-free status after Primary Industries Minister Bryan Green decided the State’s growing international food brand needed to be safeguarded. The decision to continue the moratorium on genetically modified organisms for food crops and animals comes after a review of the Act which allows […]

US: Cheerios drops genetically modified ingredients

Bruce Horovitz, USA Today January 2 2014 Under pressure from consumers and activist groups, General Mills says it will stop using genetically modified ingredients to make its original Cheerios cereal. While the oats used to make Cheerios have never contained any genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the company did make changes to its sourcing — and […]

USA: Prices for distillers grains plunge after China rejections

CNBC News, January 2 2014 Bids for shipments during the first quarter of 2014 fell to $190 a ton in the Mississippi River market that feeds export terminals along the Gulf Coast, traders said. That is down from $220 last week, when Chinese news agency Xinhau reported that two cargoes of DDGs from the United […]

Genetically modified crops ban to be extended in South Australia

South Australia will extend a moratorium on genetically modified crops until at least 2019. SA is the only mainland state maintaining a ban on GM crop production and trials. Government Minister Leon Bignell said the state’s GM-free status gave primary producers a competitive advantage in key overseas markets, including Japan. He said a continuing ban […]

Washington state testing alfalfa for GMO contamination

Carey Gillam, Reuters Baltimore Sun, September 11 2013 (Reuters) – Agriculture officials in Washington state are testing samples of alfalfa after a farmer reported his hay was rejected for export because it tested positive for a genetically modified trait that was not supposed to be in his crop. If it is confirmed that the alfalfa […]

US: Strong Support for Labeling Modified Foods

Allison Kopicki New York Times, July 27 2013 Americans overwhelmingly support labeling foods that have been genetically modified or engineered, according to a New York Times poll conducted this year, with 93 percent of respondents saying that foods containing such ingredients should be identified. Three-quarters of Americans expressed concern about genetically modified organisms in their […]

Modified Wheat Is Discovered in Oregon

Andrew Pollack, New York Times, May 29, 2013 Unapproved genetically engineered wheat has been found growing on a farm in Oregon, federal officials said Wednesday, a development that could disrupt American exports of the grain. The Agriculture Department said the wheat was of the type developed by Monsanto to be resistant to the herbicide Roundup, also […]

Wheat Drops as Japan Suspends U.S. Imports on Modified Crops

Phoebe Sedgman and Rudy Ruitenberg: Bloomberg News, May 30 2013 Wheat fell, heading for the biggest monthly decline since February, as Japan suspended imports of some U.S. varieties after the discovery of gene-altered crops that were never approved. Japan suspended imports of western-white wheat and feed wheat from the U.S., the world’s biggest exporter, and canceled […]

US genetically modified wheat stokes fears, Japan cancels tender

Reuters May 30 2013 Naveen Thukral Singapore/Tokyo: A strain of genetically modified (GM) wheat found in the US fuelled concerns over food supplies across Asia on Thursday, with major importer Japan cancelling a tender offer to buy US grain. Other top Asian wheat importers South Korea, China and the Philippines said they were closely monitoring the […]

US: Non-GM canola oil demand has crusher scrambling

Sean Pratt, Western Producer May 24 2013   A major canola crusher is calling for a retreat from the 17-year march toward genetically modified canola. Pacific Coast Canola, a newly constructed processing plant in Warden, Washington, will take as much non-GM canola as it can find. “The market for non-GMO canola in the west coast of the […]