US: Seeking Food Ingredients That Aren’t Gene-Altered

New York Times, May 26 2013 Stephanie Strom Pressure is growing to label products made from genetically modified organisms, or “G.M.O.” In Connecticut, Vermont and Maine, at least one chamber of the state legislature has approved bills that would require the labeling of foods that contain genetically modified ingredients, and similar legislation is pending in more […]

UK: The inconvenient truth about GM

The Telegraph, 17 May 2013 Geoffrey Lean Genetic modification has so far mainly been confined to developing crops that tolerate herbicides and resist pests. It has done little to increase yields Some 10,000 years ago, somewhere in the Middle East’s fertile crescent, happenstance sowed the seeds of much of modern agriculture. Pollen from a wild goat […]

Australia: Slow take-up of GM canola

ABC, 16 May 2013 Laura Poole  An agribusiness in western Victoria is selling genetically modified canola seed for half price because demand is limited. Across Australia, 8 per cent of canola plantings are GM varieties. Elders agronomist Jamie Ball says farmers are reluctant to sow GM canola because they’re concerned it will increase the number […]

US: Major Grocer to Label GM Foods

New York Times, March 8 2013 Whole Foods Market, the grocery chain, on Friday became the first retailer in the United States to require labeling of all genetically modified foods sold in its stores, a move that some experts said could radically alter the food industry. A. C. Gallo, president of Whole Foods, said the […]

US: Genetic Changes to Food May Get Uniform Labeling

New York Times, January 31 2013 With Washington State on the verge of a ballot initiative that would require labeling of some foods containing genetically engineered ingredients and other states considering similar measures, some of the major food companies and Wal-Mart, the country’s largest grocery store operator, have been discussing lobbying for a national labeling […]

SA won’t ‘jeopardise’ state with GM crops

Peter Hemphill Weekly Times, December 18 2012 SOUTH Australia has stared down the Federal Government over its ban on genetically modified crops. The Federal Government had asked states with GM moratoria which had not reviewed their positions within the past three years to do so by the end of 2014. State Agriculture Minister Gail Gago […]

South Australia’s GE Free canola sweet spot

A BUMPER canola crop in the 2011-12 season saw record exports and high prices for South Australia’s GM Free canola, following strong international demand in international markets.   Article by PETER TUSTIN, COMMODITY TRADER, GLENCORE GRAIN Stock Journal Online, 16 August 2012 It was a stellar year that has seen exportable supplies exhausted with still a quarter […]

Monsanto props up weak GM crop price

GLOBAL grain buyers are marking down the price of Australia’s genetically modified canola as the European market shuts the gate on GM crops.   Article by Natasha Bita, The Australian, April 23 2012 The Australian Wheat Board is offering to buy up supplies of GM canola at guaranteed prices. Global agribusiness giant Monsanto — which […]

Australian farmers highlight GE dangers

Two Australian farmers visited the Marlborough Farmers’ Market yesterday to share their first-hand experience of genetically engineered crops in their communities. Seed farmers Bob Mackley, of Victoria, and Julie Newman, of Western Australia, are both strongly against genetically engineered food, saying it can damage a farm’s reputation and divide communities. They said genetic engineering of crops […]

Canadians don’t want GM apples: Poll

In Canada, a developer is seeking approval to commercially grow GM apples, engineered not to brown after cutting.   Apple grower associations oppose release of GM apples however, and recently commissioned a poll to gauge where the wider community sits on the issue. The poll found that: 69% of respondents are not in favour of […]