Have your say: Hastings District Council launches discussion on GM ag

Hastings District Council has recognised that GM agricultural production is a key issue for the region and is seeking your thoughts on use of GMOs and other land uses in the district.

You can vote on an online poll and post your comments on the  Council’s MyVoiceMyChoice website.

The discussion board is open until mid-December and is an attempt by the Council to increase community participation in planning. It is a first step to consultation on the draft Long Term Plan, which will be released early next year.

Getting community discussion going on GM land uses is welcome and we encourage you to participate. Although the discussion starter misses the primary issues for growers and food producers – what the markets have to say about GM and how this affects food exporters – this is a good opportunity to clarify for council what the issues are for the local economy.

Pure Hawke’s Bay will be making a written submission shortly.

One Response to “Have your say: Hastings District Council launches discussion on GM ag”
  1. Jocelyn McKenzie says:

    If we are thinking in terms of the long term health and prosperity of our eco-system as a whole, it is clear that GM is one of the worst moves that we can make. Unfortunately humans seem to learn best about our mistakes from a perspective of hindesight. Maybe on this occasion we can have a little foresight and consider the needs of our land and the future of the availability of nutritious food for our children and grandchildren. Lets consider the needs of Bee colonies, and our need for bees, and the negative impact that GM production has on them. let’s consider our responsibility of Kiatiakitanga and our responsibility towards caring for the land that nurtures us, and our offspring to follow. Lets not make mistakes that will impact on the generations to follow.

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