Media releases

Auckland Region on Track to Official GM Free Status

The campaign to keep Hawke’s Bay GM Free took another step forward today with the Auckland Plan Hearings Panel recommending the adoption of similar GMO Free rules to Hastings. The panel’s recommendations, released today, would protect the Auckland region’s GM Free status by prohibiting releases of GMOs for the life of the plan. In May last year, […]

Our GM-free meat status undersold

New Zealand meat exporters need to cash in on our GM-Free status, says Simon Beamish NZ Farmer, June 28 2016 OPINION: Hawke’s Bay’s GM Free status is hugely important for exporters and the pastoral sector can surely extract more value from the market. Walk through the door of a Whole Foods Supermarket into the fruit and vegetable area […]

Farmer advantage lies in GM Free

Farmers Weekly: Food producers and Pure Hawke’s Bay board members Bruno Chambers and John Bostock say the choice between using genetically modified organism or not is a no-contest. They contend GM has produced few positive results and customers don’t want it anyway. RECENT announcements by market heavyweights that they will eliminate genetically modified animal feed […]