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It Must Be GM-Free, Minister

Talking Point, Hawke’s Bay Today, September 1 2015 For Hawke’s Bay food exporters, GM Free means serious business. If more signals from the marketplace were needed to underscore this, then recent developments in Europe couldn’t be clearer. Europe’s economic powerhouse, Germany is preparing to ban GM agricultural releases in its productive lands. Across the North Sea, Scotland […]

GM forestry proposals: Government move a mistake

A version of this opinion piece appeared in the Dominion Post on August 10 2015. The Government has a target of doubling the value of the country’s primary exports by 2025. It should support premium regional branding initiatives which generate higher returns for New Zealand’s food exports. For Hawke’s Bay producers, retaining the region’s current […]

Hawke’s Bay Today: Let’s help keep Bay food pure

The call by Hawke’s Bay food producers for government to allow their products to be officially branded GM free is commendable. Andrew Austin, Hawke’s Bay Today, August 20 2014 The group, calling itself Pure Hawke’s Bay food producers, has asked the Minister for the Environment, Amy Adams, not to change the Resource Management and “prevent our councils […]