Here are some resources that you may find useful:

Pure Hawke’s Bay Submissions to Councils

Hastings District Council’s Draft District Plan, May 2013: Submission

Presentation to the Hastings District Council Forum, October 2012. John Bostock, Bruno Chambers, John Buck. Speech and Slides

Hastings District Council Long Term Plan, May 2012: Submission

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council Long Term Plan, May 2012: Submission

Hastings District Council Annual Plan, May 2011: Submission

Letter to Hastings District Council, May 2011

Hastings District Rural Plan, March 2011: Submission

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council Annual Plan, May 2011: Submission

Letter to Mayor Yule introducing Pure HB – 9 March 2011


Options for local authority control of outdoor GMO uses

Auckland and Northland councils have, over the last ten years, investigated whether local authorities can and should regulate outdoor GMO uses. The latest documents in this process are documents released in January this year setting out how district councils can prohibit GM releases and make field trials discretionary under the district plan

Consumer Resistance to GM Foods


Economic Impacts of GM Foods


Field Trials in New Zealand

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