Our fields are free of GM food, feed crops and animals.

There have been no field trials of GMOs in Hawke’s Bay.

We can grow our reputation as New Zealand’s premium food production region.

Market resistance to GM food production gives us a great opportunity.

Consumers and buyers in our high-value markets do not want GM produce.
They are also highly sensitive to trace levels of GM that can arise from neighbouring GM production.

We can build a regional brand that aligns with consumers and buyers domestically and abroad, and guarantees them that our food products are grown in a GM Free region.

Our valuable GM free status can be secured at little cost, with major benefits
for our region’s economy and reputation.

While food producers would be the primary beneficiaries from declaring the region a GM Free food producer, we believe there would also be spin-off benefits for the tourism industry, as any such steps cement the region’s commitment to environmental integrity.


This is a brief outline about Pure Hawke’s Bay and what we think needs to happen.

You can find out more about the opportunities of being GM Free in this document.


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