GM Free Food Producing Regions


Many countries have chosen not to grow GM crops so far due to market resistance.
GM free food production zones are a well-established way of securing market advantage.

Here are some examples of premium food producing regions with official GM Free status:



Twenty-one regions in France and 16 in Italy alone are GM Free.
Among them, Burgundy, Champagne, Provence and Tuscany are regions whose names are synonymous with good food and rich traditions in food production the world-over.



Find out more about Tasmania’s approach by clicking on this image

South Australia and Tasmania have also gone GM Free for marketing purposes.

The Tasmanian government is using that GM Free status in a branding campaign that positions the state a gourmet, food producing island. As their government recognises:

“global negatives are adding a positive local impetus. Concerns about food safety in an increasingly polluted world have focused  attention on Tasmania’s famously clean air, ample supplies of clean water and freedom from many of the outside world’s pests and diseases. Tasmanian farmers have no need to use certain chemicals that are routinely applied to food crops in other regions. Because food is GM‐free and artificial hormones and antibiotics are not used to promote livestock growth, it is as safe as it is delicious.”


What about Hawke’s Bay?

It is important that Hawke’s Bay does not get left behind in the competition for premium markets.

We may not be the first to formalise GM Free status, but we can be the best.



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